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Universal Tokens


The native token of ProximaX which is used to blockchain a game.


The native stabletoken of Xarcade which is priced at approximatley 1.125 USDT.


The currency of reward in MetaXar for tokens that can be collected in a province game which are determined by the market.

ProximaX Terms


The blockchain platform that powers Xarcade.

Sirius Digial Asset (SDA)

Sirius Digital Assets (called Asset in the Xarcade Wallet) are part of what makes the Smart Asset System unique and flexible. They are fixed assets on the Sirius Chain that can represent a set of multiple identical things that do not change.

An Asset could be a token, but it could also be a collection of more specialized assets such as reward points, shares of stock, signatures, status flags, votes, or even other currencies.

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Namespaces allow you to create an on-chain unique place for your business and your assets on the Sirius Chain.

A namespace starts with a name that you choose, similar to an internet domain name. The name must appear as unique in the network, and may have a maximum length of 64 characters. Allowed characters are a, b, c, …, z, 0, 1, 2, …, 9, _ , -.

An account can link a registered name (namespace or subnamespace) with an account or an SDA identifier.

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ProximaX Sirius Wallet

An account is a key pair (private and public key) associated with a mutable state stored on the Sirius Chain. In other words, you have a deposit box, which only you can modify with your private key.

Think of an account as container for assets. It can be used to hold XPX or other SDAs, whether they are tokens or specialized assets.

Moreover, Sirius Chain accounts can also represent non-fungible assets that must be unique and updatable: a package to be shipped, a house deed or a document to be notarized.

Each account has a unique address. You will normally share the derived address instead, as it is shorter and gathers more information.

For this testnet exercise we will be calling this the Sirius Testnet Wallet on Xarcade as it is needed for the testnet blockchaining of your game.

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Xarcade Terms

Xarcade Wallet

The wallet used to blockchain a game and to store all Xarcade associated cryptocurrency.

Game Developer

A person who develops a video game or a blockchained video game.


A person who is invited by a game developer to play his blockchained video game in the testnet environment who can then give feedback.

In-Game Token (IGT)

This is the currency used in a game. You can airdrop it to your players, trade it, or even sell it! How your game's economy works is up to you! (t&c applied)

In-game tokens can have up to 4 decimal places, and you cannot change the supply once it is created.

Limited Edition Token (LET)

A unique set of tokens that players can own in your game. Incredibly powerful swords made by ancient dwarves from a long-lost lineage? Only 10 of them exist! Example banner

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

A unique token that one player can own in your game.

Mayor of starter town? Only you can own the key.


What Sirius Digital Assets are called on Xarcade.


A video game which has been blockchained and is available for play in the testnet environment.


A Xarcade blockchained-powered science fiction themed metaverse which has a community of game developer and gamers exchanging in-game assets and forming partnerships.


The person who is invited by a game developer to test a game in the testnet blockchain environment who can also give feedback to a game developer.


The name of a Xarcade user.

Blockchain Networks


A blockchain environment for releasing games which have in-game assets of no real value for testing.


A blockchain environment for publishing games which have in-game assets of real value.


Blockchain Key Pair

Public Key

The public identifier of the key pair. Proves that the entity was signed with the paired private key. The public key is cryptographically derived from the private key. Sirius Chain uses the Twisted Edwards curve with the digital signature algorithm called Ed25519.

Private Key

A random 256-bit integer used to sign entities.

API Keys

Xarcade API key

Used to identify games calling the web api

Wallet Autosigner Access Token

Cryptographically secure key generated upon starting the wallet autosigner, used to authorize requests sent to the service.