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Testnet Namespace Creation

A Namespaces is a blockchain equivalent to a website domain. It is a unique place to link your game company, its games, and tokens (SDAs) on the blockchain.

Creating a namespace for game onboarding is necessary as it enables gamers to verify their tokens' authenticity easily and for systems to read off the blockchain and display recognizable names.

Step 1

  • Re-access the Testnet Web Wallet on your mobile phone (CLICK HERE).
  • Make sure your network is Sirius Testnet 2 in the network dropdown.
  • Select your Xarcade wallet from the Select wallet dropdown.
  • Enter your password.
  • Select Sign In.
  • You will arrive at the home screen, where you can view your Xarcade account.

Step 2

On the Create Namespace page:

  • Select your Xarcade account (it should be your already set Primary account).
  • Select New Root Namespace from the Namespace dropdown field.
  • Provide a name for your Namespace in the Name field in lowercase characters (e.g., the name of your company or project or your developer name).
  • Enter the number of days you would like to rent the Namespace. The maximum is 365 days. You can renew the Namespace.
  • Enter your password, and select Register Namespace.

A Namespace consists of your unique chosen name, similar to an internet domain. The name must appear unique in the network and may have a maximum length of 64 characters. Permitted characters are: a, b, c, …, z, 0, 1, 2, …, 9, _ , -.

You need sufficient testnet XPX in your account to register a testnet Namespace.

Step 3

You will receive three notifications for a completed transaction:

  1. Transaction announced (blue)
  2. Transaction added (yellow)
  3. Transaction confirmed (green)

Step 4

Congratulations, you have created your namespace. You can check out its details:

  • Select Primary in the side menu.
  • Select the Namespaces tab to view its details:
    • ID recorded on the blockchain
    • Block number Expiry
    • Namespace name
    • If it is Active
    • Linked Assets/Addresses
    • And Actions:
      • Extend Duration
      • View Metadata

Next, you can link your game and tokens to the namespace.