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Testnet Game Profile

Let’s now add a game profile.

Step 1​

  • Select Games in the side menu.
  • Select Add New Game.

Example banner

Step 2​

  • Enter Game Title.
  • Select Next.

Example banner

Step 3​

  • Select your created Namespace to link it to the game.
  • Select Finish.

Example banner

Step 4​

  • Select your game.

Example banner

Step 5​

Populate your public game page with information about your game:

  • Upload a profile image by clicking on the profile photo camera icon.
  • Upload a header image by clicking on Change Header Image.
  • Select a Content Rating from the dropdown:
    • General, or
    • M18

Example banner

Step 6​

  • Select a genre for your game (e.g., Role-Playing).
  • Enter Tags to make your game easily searchable by gamers.
  • Select your game Language.
  • Select Save.

Example banner

Step 7​

  • Select the About tab.
  • Add a public description for your game.
  • Select Save.

Example banner

Step 8​

  • Select the Gallery tab.
  • Upload images for your public game gallery.
  • Select Save.

Example banner

Now we are ready to move onto game token creation.