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This is the beginning of your quest to build blockchain-integrated games!

Where do I sign up?

Head over to Xarcade Game Developer Dashboard signup page and fill up the registration form.

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Read and agree to TOS

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Please carefully read the ToS and Developer Publisher Agreement, and tick the boxes if you agree to it.


We're aware nobody reads these... But could we be a first?

I'm human... Are you?

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You've succesfully registered as a game developer! But we need to make sure you're human -- or something along those lines.

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Please check your inbox for a verification email, and click the verify button.

Get verified!

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Click on "Verify User" to verify, and we're done! You may now log in to your new Xarcade Developer account.

Welcome to Xarcade!

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First thing you'll see will be the dashboard. We'll learn more about that as we go. To help with that, click on the red bulb on the upper-right side of the screen.

This is your onboarding checklist, which will serve to guide you from registering up until you publish your first blockchain game with Xarcade.

Let's get personal

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You can personalize your Xarcade Developer account via the profile settings on the "Account" button.

Be careful not to accidentally log out instead!


You can access these docs anytime via the ? button beside the notification bell.