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Create a Token

Tokens are currencies and commodities that exist in the blockchain. You can use these for rewards, trading, and growing your game's economy.

Finding the Create Token Page

Let's start by clicking "Create Token" dropdown at the upper-right of the developer dashboard.

Example banner

Create Token Page

This is the "Create Token" page where you can either create a new token, or import one with an existing Sirius Digital Asset. Example banner

Think of a good token name

Your Token Title will be the name to identify or describe your token. Example banner


You will no longer be able to edit these details after creating, so choose wisely! Or... Use testnet for testing. Then you can go all out!

Pair it with a flashy symbol!

Your Token Symbol will be the unique shorthand identity of your token. Token Symbol will go hand-in-hand with the namespace and Title that can identify your token. Example banner

What will you use it for?

Xarcade allows you to create three types of tokens:

  1. In-Game Token
  2. Limited Edition Token
  3. Non-Fungible Token

Example banner

The difference between the three are mainly how much can be circulated. In a nutshell, IGTs have divisibility, LETs don't have divisibility, NFTs only have 1 supply.


And no, none of these supplies will be mutable.

How much of this token will exist in total?

Circulating supply determines how much, or how many of your awesome token will exist on the blockchain.

Example banner

Scan QR

Last step would be to scan the QR using your mobile wallet, and wait for the transaction to confirm.

Example banner


It's already stated on the dialog, but please wait for the transaction to complete or else the token will not be created.

Once it's confirmed, click "Done" and congratulations on your new blockchain token!

What's next? Creating your game!