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Wallet Autosigner Introduction

Use our flexible, easy-to-setup, scalable wallet autosigner to quickly and securely sign in-game transactions for you.

The Xarcade Wallet Autosigner is a small tool dedicated for signing transactions. Paired with the Xarcade Web API, the autosigner helps you seamlessly integrate the ProximaX blockchain services and the Xarcade Appstore into your games.

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Key Features

Airdrop Tokens

Give tokens to a player. Use the autosigner to automatically distribute tokens to your players.

Use Case

Player clears a level and is rewarded in-game tokens. Check this api.

See it in action here

Distribute Tokens

The same as "Airdrop Tokens", but players pay for the transaction fees!

Use Case

Player clears a level and is rewarded in-game tokens. They click a "claim" button, and pay for the transaction fees to receive the reward. Check this api.

Exchange Tokens

Trade two different tokens. Easily build an in-game shop where players can purchase a token using another token.

Use Case

Player wants to buy a legendary sword NFT using their earned in-game tokens.

Receive Tokens

Receive tokens from a player. Sell non-blockchain items for tokens or XAR.

Use Case

Player wants to buy a temporary powerup using in-game tokens.

How does it work?

The Wallet Autosigner sits in the background and waits for authorized REST API calls. If a valid transaction request is received, it signs the transaction using your private key and then converts it into an encrypted wall of text that only the Sirius Blockchain can understand. Once the final checks are done, the transaction is then sent to the Xarcade Platform.

The Xarcade Platform then turns it into a notification that is readable to the player.

For Exchanging and Receiving tokens, the player receives the notification. They can sign the transaction, and then it's announced to the blockchain!

Don't see what you need here? send us a question on Discord or check out the Sirius Chain Developer Center